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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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you've the windse shift in that little shift here that wind shift is going to drop some of the lake affect off of lake erie and a little bit of lake affect off of lake michigan which means those heavier snow panel things will start to fire backup later on this afternoona w our forecast highlights downtown look at it we mentioneden temperatures will be sitting in theb lower and middle 20s into the teens tonight with moderate to heavy lake effect. the court of the snowdeea a part of the snow police with let us know or more over the next 30 hours.u traffic time with patty. it is 6:01 a.m.01 thank you so much. we are traveling 77 southbound
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is roads are just wet. we had some light snow showers osaka for 80. we really need to clue choose. that's for sure. accidents we had 70 went northbound before the west 25th exit the car went into the fence purposely get someso spots in the accident down in akron at 50 do with it down towards akront right back. weac do have a little snow flying around it's kind of hard to see through the windchill is redo the blue juice all morning long. the roads areng went and did see them. the winds are not great out and akron son we are headed that way. >> with the use of the overheated the snow this morning is bad. jessica dill is in lake county with more on that areas of under snow warning in the pacers. good morning.e
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with the wind a little bit coldtt you can see here we have aa couple of inches here on the ground. sectional a little bit. baby on the east the insurgencyy yourself get that clear for anyone coming in.. take a look at the scene me it's a little perfect on the little especially here as it out there just give us anut update the throats in cuyahoga in mostly upst to speak this morning. maybe some may be a slushy and spots s that you use caution. oh .-dot has about 80,000 out of the room has also been clearing out the cityso streets as well. deathly would beel taken back by the window little.en just go slowly use caution. if that some extra layers. >> good at face.
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warm. results of the future primarypr republican party in the central government.than donald trumps trumps with the victory. they say is here with the rest of the story. the demographicr voters that they with plaintiff and the county favoring the wealthy. it's a topic thatal he has pushed hard. john k-6 urging to the to spots that the gop establishment and trip first. he's moving on the south carolina and kristi is goingin home to new jersey to take a deep breath and evaluate hisa campaign's future. marcoco rubio's fifth-place finish his performance in the lastt republican debate. bernie sanders became the first
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-- the temperatures indict donald facet of it including bottle and now specialize in trying caselu it within thickly something big happened in new hampshire that could give themps a chance to expand his campaign. >> at a time when clearly changes in the air maybe, just maybe we are turning page on a dark part of politics, because
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will keep the temperatures alert space barar lake affect here currently with future later starting to worry of these bands of lake affect a little further south maybe some breaks of sunshine in between. it's think the temperatures will
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another 30 hours. he-14 of snow by noon tomorrow lake affectn kind of states away all of it tomorrow we was the moisture in the west will shifthe friday into saturday. remember one was yesterday lake affect this for number three is spreading like affect early saturday.y. if you have a paul five of these o
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run well above normal. we'll make it above freezing. it's here. 6:16 a.m. is your time. how's that looking where you are at. pretty kid we take 77 south eastbound. the roads are just wet.. it's been pretty much a speed limit drive home way down here. a car went off the road otherwise went. that's it we are down.
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snowy52 covered roads a heartbreaking story out of los angeles when -year-old girl the status been shot in the face investigators police to reverse the toddler to the hospitale doctors could not safer. this is not made any arrests in the thick description of the suspects car. because of her important it
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whoim a were five in two years old.ld for the first half of her interrogation she says she's innocent and then she confesses to the matters that happened on christmas eve of 2007. who is all because her father told her mother money and he refused to pay her back. if convicted anderson faces lifef in prison without possibility of parole her boyfriend is artie serve 65 sentences. have reported pain point take a
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place and nashville it could
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dewpoint second sure the new hotel due to cases of the virus
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good at morning to you kristi. we are in ground fox .-dot in summitn county along 76 westbound over by 77.7 it looks good. it really does. roads areoe what does that. little light snow falling they
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drive we also have no problems along 77 making our way from cleveland o all the way into akron. scott is here with the forecastst now it's just a matter of trying to get downwn the specifics as they evolvedpe morph as we we shift directions right now the it's primarily west to east in the winds have kind of been like thiswe it seems like thoset locations have been hit pretty hard with lake affecte fewer south storm fox radarew showing light snow near akron. the forecast will keep temperatures in the lower and middle 20s all day long and eventually watch that lake affect off of lake michigan inherent will start to push further south east which means
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backup again this afternoon we get progressively heavier and spots not lighter will give you a quick picture look at thet snowfall forecast in a feww minutes. withth only five months to go before the art and seely how the thousand hotel be ready to go. we got to peek inside at the construction t of taking place. todd meany joins us with an update. just about five months. hilton is expected to open just a month before the rnc. the 600 room hotel. them's job opportunities. wem' want to give to cleveland tot give them jobs that is not working and looking to get into
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what are we doing that is their currently taking reservations beginning in august and beyond because of after the convention they will be able to go check it out later this month if you're lookingte for a job will have the chance to meet help them indecency the jobs that are available they will snow might pick hiring tears click on seeing on tv will give you a link to their website a few positions available. instead of just to quaysideto
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your phonene see seasons here phone making it easy for this be a part of the convention in those are going to rt find if you watch that faux pas came from there.u that's cap it is. your time not is 6:28 a.m. weather and traffic update. here's schaefer donald trump bernie sanderss and john k-6k- local life to new hampshire for all of the numbers.s. how worried should be northeast ohio pick. theie virus.
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good at morning. we have some snow cover right here in cleveland to interest on the ground. the wentzel pick backup again and shift income out of the northwest will will drive lake affect further south. stormh. fox radar is showing most of the lake affect out of lake l county we had some light snow along to 70 went that traffic seems to beff pretty smoothly along to 70hl went even up from
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here's a quick look. it has a little bit of a different story further north it'su been a west to east went off the lake that means late countyea they will probably get hit with the lake effect snow initially here today early on and then eventually things will start to shift out to that in a moment. let's be sustained . pitchers in the upper teens the lower 20s with jewels run 7-12- above. twenty-four in eastlake moderate to heavy snow same till in cuyahoga road conditions further southo -- >> windsor out of the northwest there is a wind shift as this next many friends lose through this afternoon those winds will shift income out of thel northwest and when that happens
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to move push southeast and get progressively heavier as another wave of arctic air moves overhead as temperatures goinggo nowhere post a between 20-23 with heavy snow been starting to push further southvy. use though whether happened take a look at their greater new down withgr it snow bands will line up later today. there will be could accumulation especially late today tonight and early tomorrow with is as snow fall protection on thursday.o for the next 30 hours the snow look at thisfo three to five in cleveland there will be some areas in eastern suburbs of clevelandte onto chiapas in lake county here for we will get moret than 8-10 inches of snow and localizedof 12-14 inches of snow over the next 30 hours i know it's not snowing there now but
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again that's kind of a quick look here. a lot of cold air in place in the upper midwest or arctic air coming in this weekend it's going to be brutal. we're going to see several morev weather systems another. no comes in sunday night into monday each one of them has a very high chance of producing snow over ohio. here's a quick snapshot of the dayw . which shows you that winter is heresh that's the way it looks it's only going to get heavier this is a site thing as check inin
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we are in ground fox we are headed past route 21. they don't have any problems. the roads are nice and dry nobody isod slipping and sliding here. which you how things are going. life in ground fox my name is patty harkin back to you guys in the studio. it's time to pull out the snow boots again as people across northeast ohio was see what conditions this morning. o jessica is willoughby it doesn't look too bad from this point.s it's really not that pat the snow is coming down. i'm in front of route 91 that intersection here odette did say d that there mostly running up to speed this morning some may a little slushyi and spots so use
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the on ramps and thehe offensens because that's for he gets the most of creepy careful when you're c headed out this morning go slow itt may not look bad that they wrote they beat ice. it is a little bit chilly out there for sure. >> thank you so much. donald trump on new hampshire, but it may have been a biggerbi night for john k-6. hillary clintone thpom hg. ooghwi tro dil s. such a huge change.. think i'll share when sanders
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hemp was down by 40 for 60 points. she is crushing her and all of the demographics and in people and working people and even coming very closer to winning that one in the clinton campaign has no presence today. some are raising questions about governor kasich moving forward with his campaign can he sustained mis- last night what you think you do ees he still was in the establishment pick them up competitor.
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ground talkingng ve lin it. t done in south carolina and nevada and beyond. u mpthis one.ri i think he had it easier in new hampshire. trump ran away with it that's a massive win he the trump train was so way to go. thank you so much will see you enter 7:00 a.m. hour.
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of the virus in northeast ohio. a cleveland woman who returned fromo a work trip from haiti late last week and another case of the 21 -year-old start kenny man who visited the country the viruses mainly spread bypr mosquito bites but and one us case of this actually kids minutes pay man who recentlyec returned from an infected area. that means mosquitoes that spread thisme is found in tropical climates not in ohio.nd we should not be worried about it being transmitted locally.o 1-5 people who tracked the virus includes fever and ration that ice.ud 6:39 a.m. an update on your traffic.
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todd is taking your comments get ready to spend a lof more money on frozen see what disney just released. will announce the winning school on thursday and feature them next week on fox 8 news in the
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this shows that heavier. of the lake affect in the shade of green is fairport harbor you know something so see megan west of east lake affect. civil code table which is more of the familiar color showing some light snow again it hasn't been widespread that will begin to change as temperatures remain in the lower and middle 20sg forecast it will highlight coming out of the northwest that will start to see the lake affect start to orient so for the southeast they get heavier spots itt will also get colder overnight will give you an idea of the snowfall forecast eight-day and the coffee quiz in
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thanks so much scott. it's a nice-looking commute where we are 76 west and headed toward i 71 and traffic is flowing wellll season looks dry. we are seen some snow reaction along for 22 and i 90 down here along 77 and 36 was headed toward i 70 went it has been a five dry commute.t 6:44 a.m. is your time. time to get plugged in. and that's and as the trend
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mediar you use. it's from the site called open bible.m we had soda overnight was coffee. will run down the tucked into interested in the top feeling
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social media now. what is shaping up for a i haven't thought about it. he wanted to give up junk food just junk food not reflect on that today say.y more coming up is how you get a hold of us.
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none ofa 6:36 a.m. will play the coffee quiz a scott when we come back last three she said there is a 5050 chance as they makes a big announcement are frozen when will you be able to see our life on stage. it's time now for the career job part of the day you horizon development to provided for more information on this and other
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the centers for medicare and medicaid
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quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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thank you, scott. good morning we are now on to 71 heading towards the 480 area of the city roads are t in good truth there are also kind of dry. we do havel a car spinning out 90 westbound newborns road also an accident at martin luther king and shaker as well.l. wayne and christie, we send it back to you guys.
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weather for two weeks now winter has definitely return. we havewe a preview of what to expect as you head out the door. >> good morning. definitely snowing not raining in lake county. sources from all the way on the east side you will see snow it does not matter what side of the city you live on. we are in willoughby now. we saw people at cracker barrel giving people extra time to show off it seems wet and slacks this give yourself extra time mr. thehe roads are soft and wet but it
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>> the nation's first primary had one surprise in new hampshire last night. >> john casey performed pretty good last john kasich. >> good morning. donald trump and bernie sanders are the big t surprise was governor john kasich q j had a strong showing after spending all of his time and money. >> there is magic in the air with this campaign because we don't see is this as another campaign. you seeas it as an opportunity for all of a us, and, i mean, all of us, to be involved in something that is
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is backk donald trump took top just to the state the main after turning a good movie he couldov turn strong numbers. >> sanders lost iowa to hillary clinton tearing. nearly every demographic groupa he run he won college degrees and more mrs. clinton and her concession acknowledged those young voters who really believed him to his t win. >> it is just too late for the same old same oldtoo and the establishment the people want real change.
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but i will repeat what i have said - - even if they are not supporting me know, i support them. >> in the meantime chris christie is having a home to take a deep breathc after a sixth place finish in it new hampshire. even if he drops out, john k-6 strong finish complicates the risk for the race for the republicans. >> the medical examiner's working to identify a person found to deathe found shot to death inside a carnd on the east
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street. police say the man hadd been shot several times. he has not been identified. >> a random act of violence is remembered no one ever added a bad thing to say about me. >> the freshman or shot and killed sunday during a home invasion sk of an off-campus apartment. charged with aggravated murder as a juvenile in the case. >> especially for northeast ohio i know that real cookoff is no more after 23 years live nation saysr it will no longer to this. senior vp will focus on othern o festivals to share they also sayls the door is open if anyone elsee would like to step in and
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heldor at the pavilion. >> always a good time. >> s. >> 7:06 a.m. a multimillion dollar effects from the water crisis.ercr >> and kanye west up order again find out what you tweeted that is created controversy. >> creating controversy. >> seven minutes after ed 7:00 o'clock. the winds comei out of the northwest with the lake effect and much like affect and much heavier like affect details on the in the eight day in just a moment. >> good morning. we are in ground foxgo i will let you know
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headlines on the second this wednesday morning. according toin police pulled three suspects s have been taken into custody and into connection with the murder. the seven -year-old was shot and killed along with his parents while leaving a convenience store. the state state attorney's office believesre. >> asking for $55 million to replace pipes that they suggest theha water all the pipes need tod
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extensive projects $37 million is already been approved. in the meantime, the supreme court isis trying to put common emissions on hold the justices voted five to four h was cause for a shift to label carbon dioxide emissions over 15 years. the call for this. kanye west is taken to twitter to show supportppo for bill cosby see the tweet here where he writes bill cosbyby innocent. the processes caused twitter storm cosby you know is accused of sexually assaulting more than 50 womenc cosby has denied any wrongdoing. some
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publicity stunt for his new album that stops them out. >> 7:11 a.m. is your time. good morning to you christie and wayne we are on ground fox 77 northbound on by the turnpike it is a nice ride roads are in good shape.d looking good at this.and 77 that is good news. this is between state and medina road 90 road over all overall a pretty good rush-hour o we check out the roads that way for you as well. good morning, scott. >> good morning, everybody the lake effect we like affect we have so farod has been primarily situated our area is further
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you look at the storm fox radar. moving back and forth tell up near geneva and that madison mixture and extending all the way up to ashtabula where we are starting to get some of the light snow even as he look at storm fox radar moving away from the lake lake the conditions have beenth near the roadways primarily westbound west southwest withtb the band up in ashtabula county t with 71 and 77 temperatures in the lower 20s painesville and madison at 23. soon down in akron working out lake michigan winds are coming
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is what is coming our way winds will shift later as it happens driving further south used a lot colder air up there as well. temperatures cool down temperatures aroundd 21 today and a every is at the east three - - 5 inches of snow in cleveland with a good three - - five and spotswi not everyone but in spots the heart of the snow that could be here tomorrow this is just
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air in central canada right now it is about 25 below zero. temperatures are south we starta to see some of that now late friday into saturday with another wave of clippers snowto that comes in friday like affect early saturday and then watch the low developing on monday. one after another as we look at the eight dayte frequent chances of snow with fox eight news is your official school closing station all of those with the facebook fan page we head over there and we just have to watch the radar. that is the best we can do. 7:15 a.m. is your time
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give up social media for want? we talked about the number ten coffee, seats, meet and school. they said a couple years ago peoplee - - i think number five is facebook and number four is we will won't mention those coming up ash wednesday don says giving up meat is that a trick question? if we have to give up social media how do we
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bar starbucks. i usually have it every day. >> you don't have to give anything at because also in its place, do something nice make it that you are to do something nice altering want for someone. >> we will start to calculate how much you go if you go there every day five days a week for work maybe that is good no question. >> are you giving anything capth today anything unusual? here is how you get a hold of us for today's plugged ind cleveland on instagram fox eight cleveland on instagram. >> 7:17 a.m.and on and new hampshire surprise - - looking at how the governor john kasichk did in the first primary, and what the
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first campaign. >> find out where cable company is may do to get you to stay. >> kenny crumpton - - >> good morning. you will find this guyg. in the greater cleveland area. no, you will not. when we come back - - the exhibit of ripley's believe it
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on top of that we are talking great white sharksn this is a life-size that grew to be 8 feete 11 inches tall. 8 feet 11 lebron james is like the lebron james is in here. this guy was it for 11 inches he was still growing at the timenc of 22 he he
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infectionsdi that daughters about what 100 feet 11 inches looks like and i am 7-foot 1 inches born around the 20s and 30s. look at this guy if he was diagnosed earlier someone with his condition today would be treated early kind of the
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in today's modern technology. he had our radio show at a tv show fire while the for a while the brand is very familiar believe it or not. >> all right. wayne and christie, waiting for you guys to bring your kids downri how big is a that guy. thank you, sir. 7:24 a.m. is your time. andd john k-6 urges to the polls. we are out on the roads this one state morning and we have some slick spots out there now tune
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compaq so you know what to expect.
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that is what happens when you go outside with no have on. you can see i did not the cloud just kind of follows me around thank you very much for joining us. 7:28 a.m. is your time. >> moving from over my house. thank you. >> that is why you don't right you don't use the girl.h >> i used the use the four-man.
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just a couple miles offshore. and the low clouds out here with like effect moving kind of west to east here.ef this band is offering waffling little bit back and forth starting to head a little further to the northeast which candidate signifies northeast which candidate signifies a bit of a@ wind shift from the west southwest and then 7176 split. it elsewhere temperatures lower 20s from eastlake to painesville light snow what roadways wet roadways further south into akron l there is what is going to happen now - - the wind shifted a little bit to the northwestft look at the lake effect off of lake huron and the colder air begins to come across the southeast the vans advance
6:56 am
begin to shift am himself of becomes more wide spread. most of us late today and tonight akron one - - three secondary snow belt portage county is probably three - - five p and you usually see more than 10 inches of snow. difficult to know that downfi again at will start to get heaviern over the next 24 hours or sohe on the colder air will come into the picture friday and saturday t traffic time with patty it is 7:30 a.m.
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across the valleyview bridge. seventy-seven was a little stop and go as you head up to 480 and then heading out past the area. a light snow is sitting out there i on for 80 eastbound getting past granger road that is good news fd those roadways were doing fine we are headed heading east on for 80 w and we are picking up a few more flakes as we go this way. >> weaning christie back to you in the studio. >> whether you love it or hate itthe, the west and snowy mornings m are back. we are live in lake
6:58 am
warnings and advisories now. >> wayne and christie, good morning. i am out in willoughbyillo here. i don't know if you can tell but it is definitely coming in from the west it is a little chilly because of the winds for sure. i am out here on route 91 they do a good job of paving but i wanted excuse me plowing. it is very slippery i don't know if you can tell this is an example if w the roads will look like this therapist all lot of icehi out here when i was talking earlier you need to be careful wherever you're going if you are on the roads even if they don't look like they have too much snow are too bad it can definitely be icy. our route 91 a good commute here. obviously, not too bad i would say go slow, take your time oh daughter has been oute and say most of the
6:59 am
caution definitely and eastern cuyahoga moving on now turning to politics a a so called outsider candidates win big in new hampshire last night donald trump on the republican side and bernie sanders on the democratic side.
7:00 am
surprised manyest g gasrepa hsh ace just one of those who came off of the big win here for both parties. >> it is just too late for the same old same old establishments politics with the economics. >> senator bernie sanders had a narrow loss in iowa.> i know i have work to do particularly with young people. i it would be very careful after this donald trump got the comeback he had been looking for. >> we are going now to south carolina. >> senator marco rubioe w could not recover after a sport debate performance. >> we did not wind up orte wep wanted to be, but that does not
7:01 am
>> john k-6 came out with a strong second finish. >> john k-6ro but it may be difficult for him to build up on his momentum. >> two guys in one state so far ted cruz and donald trump everyone else'ste engaged in sk about 35 percentin sanders beating clinton by about 22 percent. >> just one question - -is nto a t no the
7:02 am
announcement coming as early ass today. south carolina e has carson is good really have a balance back thereod even though we get zero delegates coming out of new hampshire. >> we are live on from last night thank you. >> the time is 7:36 a.m. beyonce - - >> plus, how that works or planning to take on streaming services and what it could mean. >> and coffee, chocolate, maybeaybe even social media. what are you giving up for lunch? we take yourvi questions today. >> what are you giving up for
7:03 am
womack in the spotlight as we celebrate the sounds of his to read. bobby was inducted into
7:04 am
7:39 a.m. is your time right now.w. a good ash wednesday to you. the beginning of want of lent. i don't know if you could. that would be the question we are asking you what you would think.ti we talk about the bottom up. facebook, twitter and the top three alcohol social media and still chocolate is number one. and here are some of the comments that came in from the facebookeb page. >> casual drinking and limiting on junk food getting rid of of the nicotine you can do things
7:05 am
is great. anything breaded pizza one or the took the other. i can't do both. spreading is different than breaded. >> fast food establishments off the facebook page chuckle and says i'm giving up at casinos to save some money. and onnd facebook daniel says i am o giving up the snow. a lot of us gave up snow already we did not get that much this winter. if you are giving up something unusual let us know on the 40 days of lent. facebook and instagram text is 216 tax we will be back with more of your comments. >> if youu are just getting up -
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7:41 a.m. is your time. the winter is brutal this weekend you can join an organization that is collected warm winter closee right on center street in the west bank. they go out on the street and deliver care packages for those who need them. >> despite all of the negative things that go on in the city of cleveland in this town it is very important that you display love with the opportunity throughout cleveland. >> they will collect this saturdayll they were gather on saturday to pack up the supplies from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.l before hitting the streets to hand them out.o >> 7:41 a.m. is your time. scott has a check of the snowyh snow we forecast. >> plus, a move some networks
7:07 am
cutting the cable cords. >> and an endorsement from beyonce for a certain restaurant chain. for not which one straightahead. >> head over to fox eight .comox to vote for your next favoritee fox eight cool school. we will announce the winning school tomorrow, and future them next week on fox eight news in the
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workout three small days till friday ut if i don't make it back home by monday morning that's that all i want the sun was shining i am positive trash a with god three more days till friday to check to make it back home by monday
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sw pardon me. excuse me. voted best singer sting are here a couple years ago. a brand-new single coming outa the garage shop coming up on saturday, february 13 with the rest of the band coming up a little later on through the 8:00 o'clock hour. we have snow with one pretty good band of snow still be caving kind of in a uniform manner temperatures are in the lower 20s light snow winds will start to shift coming out of of the northwest will not wi
7:10 am
will cap much heavier as the colder air mixes with lake erie. three - - five in northern medina medina will probably get several inches in the art of the snow belt is highlighting and localizedd temperatures and snow. this is over hours it won't occurv at once. it will take a while for that to accumulate. again, like affect t and more called at cold at the end of the week. fox eight news is youris official school closing station. traffic time with patty. >> we are in ground fox traveling to 71 northbound. it is wet. we do have snow flying we have a three car accident 90 eastbound overe walked boulevard.
7:11 am
a malfunctioning traffic signal at s west 25th in way that will affect you 2 there as well be careful as we travel around to 71 overall it has been a pretty decent morning commute roads are o just what the most part. >> your favorite tv shows may take a bit longer to hit the screen. some are announcing they are holding back certain programs the streaming tv is more important more people may drop their cable service altogether. they have been declining for years while other some sort. >> red lobster taking sales on friday by sunday, sales shot up
7:12 am
and may be due to the massive coincidence but it is giving all the credit to the superstars. >> 7:49 a.m. we're giving away tickets to s wee the dixie chicks coming up. >> and the zika virus coming up right here t what doctors are saying. enjoying what you can. >> leave - - believe it or not. it will crush the center block with the sledgehammer right here at the great lakes science center at the believe it or not t
7:13 am
we are here at the great lakes science t center in the heart of t cleveland. he they have a brand-new exhibit of ripley's believe it or not and this is a i behind the believe it or not. usually we jump right into this. a bed of nails right here. the exhibit has kind of inspired us and there is nothing more
7:14 am
can lay on sharp nails. they are sharp. i just checked. andn not really be affected because even though i way to hundred pounds give or take, we spread out over the nails is only a few ounces for each now there we go. that is 900 nails. and then let's keep going and add the weight of us cinderblock and make it even more believe it or not - - more spectacular, and kenny. you knowta what you're going to do with that? you are going to take that sledgehammer tha and bust it. that is good. and then smash it on my chest with a
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>> you know i love you, brother. one, two, three. he is still there, ladies and gentlemen. he is still there. he is in one piece that is won male. and the more that is distributed and i really don't feel like the bumper absorbing the impact also like this at home.
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guys. awesome. i like that. >> don't go anywhere. we have a packed show coming up for you. jessica - -dash. >> that is right. winter is here. i know we had a couple of warm weeks, but the snow is back. coming up, i will tell you about the snow advisory and ano parking banw in some areas. >> good morning, everybody. there is the lake effect. in e other huge area will probably clip cleveland and euclid and right into lake county. we will have a look. >> they are talking about the new hampshire primary the winners, losers and the big surprise coming up. >> talking about the first day of lent. some are looking to social media for those what he days. >> thank you so much. also, patty is in ground fox keeping a look onx all the roadways for
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>> and aj will be hard to tell us about another elementary students. stay tuned for details of when to call s him for a chance to win all coming up at
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